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SHOEI X-15 Marquez Motegi TC-1

RM 3,550.00
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Aero Form

Experience advances aerodynamic performance born from racing

Based on SHOEI's know-how and the pressure analysis that supports it, we determined a shape with low air resistance, and nase on that, we repeatedly verified and improved our own large-scale wind tunnel facility. The completely newly designed aeroform, which demonstrates stable aerodynamics performance even at ultra0high speeds exceeding 350km/h, creates a tense and tense atmosphere.

Shield System

Comfort that fits every riding scene

Equipped with a center lock type CWR-F2R shield that enhances the adhesion between the shield and the window rubber (window beading and prevents wind and rain from entering. The anti-fog sheet pin that shares the tear-off button is placed outside the field of view, so even when the anti-fog sheet is attached the anti-fog sheet covers almost the entire field of view, ensuring a wider and clearer field of vision.

Upper Field Of Vision

X-SPR Pro has moved the position of the eye-port 5mm above the previous model. A wider upper field of vision has been secured without changing the position of the head in the helmet and without compromising the balance of the vertical field of vision. In addition, combined with the racing position of the cheek pads inherited from the previous model, the wide field of vision has been highly evaluated by MotoGP riders, contributing to improved safety during races. 

Interiors Parts

Create the best fit with more detailed self-adjustment

The split-type center pad has evolved further, and the adjustment range of the fit has been expanded. Each pad is a pocket type, and an optional adjustment pad can be used to partially close the gap according to the shape of the head, or replace it with a pad of a different thickness. By making it a detachable type, the fit can be partially loosened, and the fit can be fine-tuned by the user.

The unique shape of the lowe part of the cheek pad, which is on the side of the helmet cover, suppresses life during driving, and the are that touches the cheek has been expanded to 116% compared dot the previous mode, achieving a sense of hold that prevents blurring even when driving at high speeds.

For the surface fabric of the interior, HYGRA, which has excellent water absorption and quick drying properties, is used on the parts that easilt sweat, putting on and taking off the helmet.

*HYGRA is  a product name of Unitika Ltd.

Ventilation System

Ventilation optimized for racing and sports riding

Designed for use in a more practical race position by confirming the optimal placement of ventilation through pressure analysis. The air route inside the helmet is more than 1.5 times deeper than the previous model, and the tunnel part of the rear stabilizer is equipped with an outlet hole to achieve higher ventilation performance.


X-Fifteen silent performance (compared with the conventional model X-Fourteen)

Compare wind noise in an environment equivalent to 100km/h. It can be seen that the X-Fifteen has less noise, especially in the low range, compared to the conventional model.

*Comparison of reference values measured by our large-scale wind tunnel facility

E.Q.R.S.(Emergency Quick Release System)

-Easy Helmet Removal System in case of an Accident

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