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Speed and superbike goes hand in hand and it is inseparable. With lack of support from the government to support the local moto industry, many often resort to fuel their need for speed on public roads. In Malaysia, either we have plenty of track days organised by local organiser but mostly is driven by profit that has forgo the safety aspect, or a foreign organiser who charges premium price and focus only on those who has deep pockets.

At MinistryOfSuperbike.com, we acknowledge this problem and we are committed to change and that is where SpeedFest was founded. The objective of SpeedFest is to provide an affordable and a safe and controlled environment to all the petrol heads to fuel their need for speed. On the other hand, we aimed to provide a platform for industry player to engage with their right customers in a right and safe place for an affordable price.

In 2017, our pilot project SpeedFest Vol 1 was launched and 321 participants took part in the one day event. While most organiser forgo smaller bike category, SpeedFest is open to all bikes. While SpeedFest is ran in a controlled and properly planned timing to provide space for all our participants to enjoy their ride, we have an expert session for local Malaysia Superbike Series racer to practice their run. A guided session and free coaching session is also given to those who took part in trackday for the first time.

MinistryOfSuperbike.com is committed to continue this effort to keep all you engaging with your right customers and also to provide a safe and controlled environment to all enthusiasts out there to fuel their need for speed. Hence, we would like to invite you to take part in SpeedFest Vol 2 & Vol 3 this year.

Together, we shall keep the industry vrooming!

SpeedFest Volume 1
SpeedFest Volume 2

SpeedFest Volume 3

SpeedFest Volume 4

SpeedFest Volume 5

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